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Arts & Crafts Create crafts based on theme of troop mailing (typically holiday based). Organize crafting parties to the make the project. Imagination and ideas are welcome.
Birthday Boxes Create & ship birthday boxes for members' troops to include party favors, decorations, edibles, etc.
Blue to Gold Honoring our Fallen Military Families a Gold Star Banner is provided for every parent and surviving spouse of a military member who has lost their lives while serving their country. It is personalized with their loved ones name and branch of service.
Boutique Maintain sufficient inventory and accounting records for sales of BSM related goods. Setup and sell goods at designated Patriotic functions.
Fundraising Solicit new vendors and organizations to fundraise with. Maintain rapport and contact with vendors and organizations with whom we actively fundraise at their locations.
Financial Committee Oversee the continuity of the BSM governing documents. Review or devise and implement processes for chapter financial efficiency. Ensure the Corporation is financially accountable and that it operates within the bounds set by the IRS for non-profit organizations exempt from taxes under the 501(c) (3) of the IRS, including the established BSMA Inc. National financial policy regarding inflows and out flows from the chapter treasury follow best practice and accounting where applicable to organization.
Historian Maintain record of chapter accomplishments in scrapbook.
Mail Call Maintain email list of members and mail newsletters in accordance with the direction of the president.
Media Maintain rapport and regular contact with the local media outlets to promote our chapter and support of our troops.
Neck-Coolers Construct neck coolers for the troops.
Packing Coordinate packing dates with arts and crafts committee and maintain mailing supplies. Maintain rapport with USPS for efficient shipping of troop mailings.
Sgt. At Arms Set up the meeting rooms and maintain order during the meetings; introduce guests; oversee the elections; assist  Officers during the meetings; represent the Corporation with dignity and impartiality; be knowledgeable about the history and the Bylaws; attend, represent, and speak at local and state events.
VA Hospital (VAVS) Educate the membership about the various functions of the Department of Veterans Affairs emphasizing the relationship between the VA and the BSMA mission.  Communicate with the VAVS Central Office, the National Advisory Committee (NAC) and VA Hospital VAVS Directors regarding changes in policy and procedures regarding the VAVS program.  Maintain well trained Representatives and Deputies in Veterans Administration Hospitals and Clinics.
Veteran’s Memorial Encourage members to visit and volunteer at the visitor center. Educate members of the benefits of promoting our veterans' history and contributions to our nation.
Wall of Heroes Maintain photo boards of our members troops.
Website Maintain informative and up to date website for members and public.  Implementing the ongoing development of the chapter website pages and content. Performs day-to-day site maintenance working with the Executive Board to maintain and develop interactive chapter website functions and forms.
Welcome Homes Coordinate and execute welcome receptions with military organizations and individuals. Create and provide welcome gifts. Maintain rapport with vendors for coupons and gift cards for troop bags.






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