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Chapter 2 Contacts


President Mary Jefferis
First Vice President    Lisa Childress
Second Vice President Rosemary Freelin
Third Vice President Dila Romero
Fourth Vice President Chris Arana
Recording Secretary Alicia Cleaver
Financial Secretary Anita Hill
Treasurer Linda Ver Wey
Executive Board Email entire executive board

Past Presidents

Marlaine Gaylor 2015-2016
Carol Sanchez 2013 - 2015
Kathy Frazier 2012 - 2013
Hiltrud Ridenour 2010 - 2012
Barbara Lamonde 2009
Nina Steffen 2008 & 2009
Sandra O’Rear 2007
Ginger Eisen 2006
Jan Downs 2004 & 2005
Vicki Chavez 2004

Committee Chairs and Service Coordinators

Arts & Crafts Lori Anaya
Arts & Crafts Debbie Salas
Birthday Boxes Kay Coleman
Birthday Boxes Pearl Edmondson
Blue Star Dads Pete Perez
Blue to Gold Hiltrud Ridenour
Blue to Gold TBD
Boutique Bessalyn Gantt
Boutique Loretta Easterling
Chaplain Fay Cordova
Corresponding Secretary Anita Hill
Financial Committee Marlaine Gaylor
Financial Committee TBD
Financial Committee Kay Coleman
Financial Committee Frances Walker
Historian TBD
Mail Call / Veteran’s Memorial Carolyn Donnell
Mail Call / Welcome Homes Ronni Lamirata
Media Carol Sanchez
Neck-Cooler Co-Chair Kathy Frazier
Neck-Cooler Co-Chair Cathy Hendricks
Neck-Cooler Co-Chair TBD
Packing Co-Chair Linda VerWey
Packing Co-Chair Jill Dunlap
Packing Co-Chair Kathy Laney
Parliamentarian TBD
Patriotic Instructor TBD
Prayer Warriors TBD
Sgt. At Arms Rosemary Freelin
Soldiers Angels TBD
VAVS State BSM Liaison Carol Sanchez
VAVS State BSM Liaison Marlaine Gaylor
VAVS State BSM Liaison TBD
Wall of Heroes Kathy Laney
Website Jan Miller-Waugh
Website Calendar Frances Walker
Welcome Homes Chair Dot Bossard
Welcome Homes Co-Chair Sylvia Hughes
Wounded Warrior TBD


Branch Coordinators

Air Force Coordinator Marlaine Gaylor
Army Coordinator Linda Ver Wey
Coast Guard Coordinator Frances Walker
Marine Coordinator Kay Coleman
Navy Coordinator Frances Walker




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